Who is QIMR Berghofer?

QIMR Berghofer is a world-leading medical research institute. The Institute’s research focuses on four areas: cancer, mental health, infectious diseases and chronic disorders. We are dedicated to translating discoveries into treatments, diagnostics and prevention strategies. Working in close collaboration with clinicians and other research institutes, our aim is to improve health by developing prevention strategies, new diagnostics and better treatments.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Why do you need to fundraise for research projects?

Like all medical research institutes our work does receive Government funding, however, this is far short of the amount of dollars needed. For every $1 we receive in Government funding, we need to raise a further 65c to be able to carry out the work we do.

What happens if a featured project doesn't reach its goal?

Funds raised will be allocated to vital medical research projects at QIMR Berghofer, or refunded to you in full, as per your instructions given at point of donation.

Does anyone review or approve the science behind the projects?

Projects featured on the Microscopic Monument have been through an approvals process with ultimate sign-off by the Director and CEO, QIMR Berghofer.

What is the timeframe to raise funds for the projects?

QIMR Berghofer is home to almost 900 scientists, students and support staff and more than 50 state-of-the-art laboratories. To give the best chance to the greatest number of projects, each crowdfunding campaign remains open on the site for a period of eight weeks from launch date.

Is any institutional overhead taken from donations made through the site?

Project funding is for items described by the project holder. All funds go direct to funding the project.

Is QIMR Berghofer a non-profit or for-profit organisation?

QIMR Berghofer is a registered charity and has DGR tax status.

Are the donations tax-deductible?

All donations $2.00 and above are tax deductible.

Can I get a refund?

If the project is successful in reaching its target by the project end date then no, all donations go direct to funding the project. If the project does not reach its target and you ticked the box to receive a refund, your donation will be refunded in full to the card you used to make your donation.


At QIMR Berghofer, we strive to make sure our community is secure. If you would like to notify the team about any security issues, please email us.

Do you store my credit card details?

No. Any card details you provide are processed and stored by our PCI-compliant payment partners Stripe through their merchant account provider, NAB bank. We do not store any of your credit card details on our servers.

How can I contact you?

You can email us directly.

How do you use my personal details?

Personal details are used to process donations and, where appropriate, fulfil your microscopic monument inscription on a microscope slide displayed and available to be viewed in the reception area at QIMR Berghofer.

Does the inscription have to be in my name?

No, it can be a company name, a member of your family, a friend – or anyone you simply wish to recognise in a special way. QIMR Berghofer does reserve the right to delete names, nicknames or similar from the microscopic monument should names be deemed inappropriate for public display.

Why do you collect my personal details?

We collect your details in order to process your donation, send tax receipts, to fulfil your microscopic monument and to keep you updated on our work. You are able to unsubscribe from further communications at any time. It is important to note that your name will be on public display as part of the monument. Your privacy is important to us. Our privacy statement can be found here.